Fletcher Place

Neighborhood Activities

Outdoor activities in Lacy Park including swings, volleyball, cookouts, walking and bocce. Neighborhood activities include a Yard Sale and neighborhood picnic in September, social activities on average bi monthly, a bimonthly newsletter and monthly association meetings.

Recent Initiatives

The Fletcher Place redevelopment plan is completed

The redevelopment work plan, commissioned by Southeast Neighborhood Development and the Fletcher Place Neighborhood Association, was completed by Development Concepts, Inc. The scope was not a detailed neighborhood plan or redevelopment analysis. Instead, the plan provides a concise summary of existing conditions, observations, and broad-based recommendations for potential redevelopment and reinvestment initiatives. Each recommended redevelopment initiative includes a "work plan" of specific objectives and action-oriented steps for the two organizations over the next 3 years.

The Cultural Trail came through Fletcher Place in 2010

Look for the trail to begin construction in Fletcher Place in Spring of 2010. The leg will run Southeast to Fountain Square and Northwest into downtown. However, the trail needs your support. If you want to get involved in the trail efforts, join the Cultural Trail Committee. Details on Fletcher Place committees can be found found here. If you are able to donate financially to the trail, that is also gladly appreciated. Online donations can be made here. The trail will be a huge asset to the neighborhood and the excitement is building regarding this very special project.

The Fletcher Place Infrastructure Assessment is complete for 2009

For the curbs and sidewalk assessment, five curb distresses and six sidewalk distresses are identified as existing or not existing. Then, a Present Serviceability Rating (PSR) is assigned, which is an index of the sidewalk condition ranging from zero to five. A score of zero indicates the curb and sidewalk are completely deteriorated or do not exist; five indicates the curb and sidewalk are or appear to be brand new. For the street assessment, seven specific distresses found in the pavement are identified and noted. The grading is 0=Absent or no distress, 1=Low, 2=Medium, and 3=High severity of each distress type. The average condition of the block is assessed.

The Fletcher Place Design Charrette has been officially published

The general concept is to develop Fletcher Place into a unique urban village focused around public spaces, or piazzas in the Italian tradition. These would be of varying sizes and types, with some simply a cluster of commercial buildings and others containing actual plazas. These would occur primarily at the intersection of College and Virginia, the focal point of the "village center." Others would occur at College and Fletcher, Virginia and South, and in a redeveloped area behind the current BMV building. These civic spaces would be connected with a pedestrian network culminating with the Cultural Trail along Virginia Avenue and would promote a sense of place and community within the neighborhood.

Business Environment

Virginia Avenue is part of the SEND Fountain Square Merchants Association and there is an economic development committee that meets monthly.

Significant Eateries in Historic Properties in our Neighborhood:

  • Iaria's Italian Restaurant (since 1933), 317 South College,
  • Milano Inn Italian Restaurant (since 1934), 231 South College,
  • Dunaway's Palazzo Ossigeno (housed in the National Register listed Indiana Oxygen Building), 351 South East,
  • The Bosphorus Istanbul Café (Turkish, housed in former residence), 935 South East Street,
  • Anthony's Dugout (American Bar Food), 621 Virginia Ave. historic neighborhood atmosphere.
  • Calvin Fletcher Coffee Company (not for profit coffee shop), 615 Virginia Ave

People who've shaped recent history

Keith Holdsworth, David Edy, Jeff Miller, and Joe Giacolleti, among others.


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