Broad Ripple Village Association

Neighborhood Activities

Annual events like art fairs, gallery tours, runs and walks, home tours, and winter holiday celebrations

In conjunction with Butler-Tarkington, Mapleton-Fall Creek, and Meridian-Kessler, Broad Ripple Village has initiated a buy local campaign called "Midtown Loves Local."

Broad Ripple celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2012 with a variety of events. For more information, feel free to stop by the HUNI Facebook page.

Recent Initiatives

  • Upgrades to Broad Ripple Avenue street project with money raised privately,
  • Glass recycling among Broad Ripple restaurants and bars,
  • Four-year visioning process to create new zoning guidelines for the area,
  • Revival of a plan to develop the Central Canal from College Ave to Westfield Blvd,
  • Return of parking meter revenue to the neighborhood from the City of Indianapolis, and
  • Construction of a parking garage in Broad Ripple Village.

Business Environment

There are more than 500 diverse businesses in the neighborhood, and many are locally owned.

People who've shaped recent history

Broad Ripple has a large and well-organized cadre of volunteers working in many different areas. There are many people who have had this influence, and on an on-going basis, more make a contribution.


For further information about Broad Ripple Village or the website, please contact:

  • Broad Ripple Village Association
    6311 Westfield Boulevard, Suite 101
    Indianapolis, IN 46220-1789
    317.251.2782 office
    317.251.1322 fax