Marion County Zoning

Spring 2021 the Senate passed a bill that requires all Marion County townships to have a say in the zoning appeals process. Before lawmakers had amended the bill last month, it would have substantially reduced zoning powers for the city of Indianapolis. As filed, Senate Bill 392 would have created boards of zoning appeals for each of the eight townships outside of Center Township, the heart of Indianapolis, and granted more authority to the four excluded cities and towns of Lawrence, Southport, Beech Grove and Speedway. The Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development had opposed parts of the bill. The author, Sen. Michael Young, R-Indianapolis, changed it to simply require all of the townships be represented through appointments on the city's board of zoning appeals. 

Housing Standards - Spring 2021

Within days of the publication of an IndyStar story on ethical issues surrounding a housing standards bill, it was pulled from the House calendar. House Bill 1114, authored by Elkhart Republican and home builder Rep. Doug Miller, would have banned community architecture design requirements, a proposal that could save him and others in his profession thousands of dollars. Miller said the bill was intended to help increase affordable housing options. House Speaker Todd Huston said it was pulled due to a lack of support.

Indy Star Legislative Update-2021

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