St. John's Church, for which German Church Road is named. Image with appreciation to the Indianapolis Business Journal

Giant Eagle issued a press release on July 21, 2015 outlining their decision to not to pursue demolition of St John’s United Church of Christ in Cumberland for a GetGo Café and Market. Additionally, the Town of Cumberland will be working diligently with the Church’s congregation to find a re-use for the church. Town Manager Andrew Klinger said, “As we’ve said from the beginning, the Town of Cumberland envisions a greater potential use for the site. We’d like to see a mixed-use development that fits into the Town’s comprehensive plan, supports the transit corridor and preserves the historic structure.” “Moving forward, we want to work with St. John’s Church leaders to sell the property and ensure an appropriate adaptive reuse that’s mutually beneficial for the congregation and the Cumberland community.” The IBJ provides a nice summary article.

This Eastside landmark—for which German Church Road is named—was facing certain demolition, be it not for the efforts of the Town of Cumberland representatives, preservation-minded citizens across the Community (some of which came from other states to express their support of saving the structure known from their childhood), City Council Councilman Ben Hunter’s mediation efforts, and community-conscious officials of Giant Eagle. The significance of this church architecturally and as a century-old community anchor made it imperative to save for future generations to enjoy and for past generations to reminisce. That philosophy was tested over the past several years, and  HUNI is ecstatic that we came together as a community to save this structure. We’ll keep you posted on new developments in this landmark’s renewed life. 

Here's the Golden EagleĀ Statement.