Herron Morton Place

Neighborhood Activities


  • Easter Egg Hunt in the Park 
  • Neighborhood Spring Clean-Up


  • Talbot Street Art Fair (June)
  • Rock & Romp (July)
  • National Night Out (August)


  • Oktoberfest (September)
  • Halloween Pizza in the Park (Halloween evening)
  • Neighborhood Fall Clean-Up


  • Neighborhood Progressive Dinner (February)


Recent Initiatives

Herron-Morton Place has recently started a Diversity Committee that will focus on protecting and promoting diversity in HMP.  We are also in the middle of a “rebranding” project, which will culminate in a revamped website and social media presence, as well as new logos used consistently across all our neighborhood platforms, such as street banners, window cards, and other merchandise.

Local Business Environment

Herron-Morton Place is home to several wonderful restaurants and coffee shops, including:
The Foundry – 236 E. 16th Street
The Thirsty Scholar – 11 E. 16th Street
Shoefly – 122 E. 22nd Street
22nd Street Diner – 2205 N. Delaware Street
Tea’s Me Café – 140 E. 22nd Street
Maschcraft Brewing – 2205 N. Delaware Street


Website: http://herron-morton.com/