About HUNI

HUNI first emerged on the Indy scene in 1980 as a subgroup of Indiana Landmarks (formerly Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana). After 25 years in existence, the organization -- comprised completely of volunteers -- held a city-wide contest and selected their first logo and began pursuing a dedicated website. As you might have noticed, the logo is highly symbolic of our city and embraces the role historic preservation plays. If you're intrigued by what it all means, check out info about the logo and local designer Sara Lunsford.

Over the past quarter-century, we've kept ourselves busy engaging in issues important to us: supporting neighborhoods, working with government, and acting as a forum for urban residents.

As the age of technology envelops the way we communicate with one another, we realize that a web presence is an important tool giving us the opportunity to communicate to a wider audience. We hope to share the vitality of Indianapolis' urban communities and more deeply involve those who are interested in them.

We'd like to be the portal you use to find what's happening amongst the historic neighborhoods around Indianapolis. If you're new to the Indianapolis area or wishing to relocate to an historic neighborhood, we'd like to be the place you visit to get a feel for the vibrancy, character and location of member historic residential areas. Whether they include big or small homes, our historic neighborhoods encompass an assortment of housing styles from various periods in the city's development. There is no question - historic neighborhoods contribute to the architectural and social fabric from which Indianapolis was born. These historic districts give us cause to celebrate our heritage through their unique and distinct contributions to the Indianapolis landscape.

In all, we count almost 30 neighborhoods as members of HUNI. Residents of the neighborhoods you will see on this site care enough about architecture, that they've worked M-A-N-Y hours to seek National Register of Historic Places status and/or to seek local protection via the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC). Protection is a good thing! IHPC protects historic neighborhoods and neighbors' investments in these neighborhoods... That does not mean that changes cannot be made to these homes, but there are some elements of these historic beauties we cannot afford to lose thus as a community, we strive for thoughtful change which can be embraced by all.

Our primary purposes are threefold: 

  • Promote historic preservation, neighborhood revitalization and other improvements within Indianapolis' urban neighborhoods.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and experiences among individual and Neighborhood Association members.
  • Represent member concerns to government officials and other authorities whose actions affect the health, safety, welfare and quality of life of HUNI's membership.

As we look to the future, we see the following potential:

  • To become a more significant voice for Indianapolis' urban neighborhoods,
  • To inform Indianapolis about the many activities of member neighborhoods, from: home tours to seminars on green tech in older homes, through legislative issues, as well as activities that are just plain fun, to orient those interested, to the geography, history and character of our member neighborhoods.

After our initial website footprint is complete, we'll look at using social media -- such as calendars, blogs, discussion boards, etc. -- to broaden the dialog and engagement.

So, if you'd like to help us on our journey, please bookmark our site and visit us often. Tell friends about it. Suggest elements you'd like to see us include by contacting us on our Contact page. We look forward to seeing you back!

-- Glenn Blackwood, President

HUNI Interpretive Brochure

This brochure can be copied for interested parties, neighborhood associations, and others: 2015_HUNI_trifold-w_SBF_edit.pdf


Huni Bylaws can be accessed with the following link to Bylaws_Revised_2014.pdf

Past Presidents of HUNI

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