HUNI Editorial Board
Welcomes New MemberĀ 

Current HUNI Editorial Board Members include (L to R): website designer Jay van Santen, Britta Rees, Lorraine Vavul, Marjorie Kienle, Sharon Butsch Freeland, and Julia Pratt

The HUNI Editorial Board welcomes Britta Rees as its newest member. Britta presently lives in the Castleton area and works in the Nora area as an Architectural Historian. The Ball State graduate in Preservation Studies has a passion for historic neighborhoods. We enthusiastically welcome Britta to the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board meets quarterly to brainstorm and discuss content to be added to the HUNI site.  Member neighborhoods are encouraged to provide their HUNI Editorial Board representative with general news or calendar items related to public events they are hosting.  

For a list of HUNI Editorial Board Reps and their corresponding neighborhoods, please click link below. If you have an interest in learning more about the Editorial Board and/or serving on the Board, please contact Lorraine Vavul at LVAVUL@AOL.COM