HUNI 37th Annual Meeting

Woodruff Place Town Hall - 735 Woodruff Pl E Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46201

HUNI will host Tammara Tracy, at its annual meeting on February 4, 2017 to discuss Indy Rezone, the new zoning ordinance that impacts every neighborhood in Marion County. Originally, Tammara--Principal Planner, Div of Planning, Department of Metropolitan Development--was scheduled to present at HUNI's 3Q meeting, but had a last minute schedule conflict preventing her from attending.  This YouTube video presents some importance points of this ordinance changes.  HUNI Neighborhood Reps are encouraged to bring questions about Indy Rezone for the Q&A. 

By way of background, on April 1, 2016, Indianapolis-Marion County began using a NEW set of rules to govern development, the first comprehensive change since 1969. The new Consolidated Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance, affectionately called Indy Rezone, updates the City's zoning ordinances and associated development regulations to be more sustainable and more livable. The places of our community, how they are built and physically arranged, affected us in a myriad of ways. The effects impact us collectively and individually; some we consciously recognize, while others are subliminal. Zoning is the most common set of tools that a city uses to regulate the location, density, and standards of development to accomplish the community vision for the future and to create that place called home. Hundreds of people diligently shaped Indy Rezone; the breath of changes evaluated was substantial. 

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