Saving the Old German Church--MDC Zoning Variance Hearing

Public Assembly Room--City County Building - City-County Building, 200 E. Washington St., Public Assembly Room, 2nd floor

St. John's -- the historic church for which German Church Road is named -- is facing demolition so that a 24-hour convenience store and gas station can be built. The Town of Cumberland wants to purchase the church for alternative uses, which would keep this historic building.  For the church to be demolished, the City of Indianapolis' MDC must affirm the rezoning of the property to a C-3 classification as recommended by the Hearing Examiner on February 12th. The town feels this is not the right zoning for the area. Here's a news release produced by the Town of Cumberland outlining key points in the issue.

You can help by...

1) Like "Save German Church" on Facebook.

2) Go to the Giant Eagle facebook page (in Pittsburgh, PA) and ask them not to destroy/demolish/teardown the German Church and/or to reuse it for their GetGo convenience store facility.

3) Send a letter by May 4th saying that you don't want to church to be demolished and replaced with a gas station to: Linda Ahlbrand, Principal Planner II, City of Indianapolis. Email: LAHLBRAN@INDY.GOV or fax: (317) 327.7883.

4) Attend the Metropolitan Development Commission rezoning variance hearing at on May 6th at 1pm at the City-County Building, Public Assembly Room, 2nd floor, located at 200 E. Washington St in Indianapolis.

The significance of this church architecturally and as a century-old community anchor make it imperative to save for future generations to enjoy and for past generations to reminisce. These sorts of structures make up the fabric of the community, not only within our neighborhood but throughout the county.  These are the pieces of history that we cannot lose or we run the risk of losing who we are. That is to say, a well-known road on the Eastside has been named solely due to the presence of this old German church. If we mindlessly knock it down, then the meaning of why the road was named German Church is lost to future generations.

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