August Quarterly Meeting Featured Explanaton of Marion County Land Use Plan as well as Update on Rethink 65-70 and City Sign Ordinance

HUNI reps gathered on August 2 for our third quarter meeting. Brad Beaubien, Long Range Planning Administrator, explained the Marion County Land Use Plan -- which serves as one component of the Comprehensive Plan for Indianapolis and Marion County.  The update of the Land Use Plan is part of the broader Plan 2020 Initiative and is guided by the Plan 2020 Bicentennial Agenda. The Marion County Land Use Plan: a) sets Land Use policy for the future; is consulted when the zoning petitions are reviewed (zoning regulates what a property owner can build today); guides the highest and best use for land parcels and larger areas with regard to future development.

Marjorie Kienle reported on current status of the Rethink65-70 initiative. The Rethink Coalition recently agreed upon two acceptable modifications to its four fundamental principals guiding the Coalition for North Split and Downtown interstate loop. Click here to see the four fundamental principals and modifications.  

Additionally, Marjorie shared an update on the city's proposed Sign Ordinance. The update appears above.