HUNI Leadership-Blackwood, Ryan, Chilluffo, Lingenfelter

2019 Annual Meeting Featured IHS Archivist Discussing Indy Bicentennial; Officers Elected and Bylaws Updated

New Officers were elected at HUNI’s Annual meeting held at the historic Irvington Lodge on February 2. Glenn Blackwood was elevated to President-Elect, Jim Lingenfelter was elected VP and Jordan Ryan was elected Secretary. Garry Chilluffo remains President, and Chad Lethig retains the treasurer role. The organization recognized and thanked Sharon Butsch Freeland for her six years of service as HUNI secretary. The meeting also featured HUNI's North Square neighborhood rep Jordan Ryan's, Curator for Indianapolis Bicentennial and Architectural Archivist, presentation of the Indiana Historical Society's Indianapolis Bicentennial Collection Initiative. Additionally, there were several critical updates at the meeting, including the latest news on the Digital Billboard ban in Marion County and Rethink 65/70, as well as revisions to the Bylaws. Neighborhood representatives reported brief, informal updates about current and upcoming events in his/her neighborhood. Several neighborhoods paid their yearly dues.