Historic Irvington


Irvington was founded by Jacob Julian and Sylvester Johnson, who developed 300 acres into residential plots four miles east of Indianapolis. Named after 19th century writer Washington Irving, the Irvington was annexed by the city of Indianapolis in 1902. North Western Christian University (now Butler University) relocated to Irvington in 1873 and stayed there until 1928.


  • North: East 10th Street
  • East: South Kitley Avenue and North Edmonson Avenue
  • South: Brookville Road
  • West: Emerson Avenue

Neighborhood Activities

Historic Irvington hosts two exciting festivals each year: the Irvington Folk Festival in June and the Irvington Halloween Festival in October.


Historic Irvington maintains a website at www.irvingtoncouncil.com with more information about the neighborhood and current activities. For direct communication, please contact the webmaster of the site. 


Irvington Historic Urban Neighborhood of Indianapolis