Meridian Park

Neighborhood Activities

Through the Historic Meridian Park Neighborhood Association, many programs and activities are planned throughout the year. Due to residents' busy schedule, the Association holds few general resident meetings each year. (Notification of these meeting is posted on the neighborhood website and communicated through email and signage in strategic spots throughout the neighborhood.) The Association coordinates numerous programs with the assistance of Neighborhood volunteers, including:

  • Alley Cleanups
  • Alliance for Senior Advocacy Program (assisting neighbors age 62+ with things like applying for winter assistance, grocery shopping, light cleaning, home repairs, etc.),
  • Gardening efforts for public spaces, and
  • Safe Neighborhood Awareness Program (our version of crime watch)
  • annual Social Events, such as the St Patrick's Porch Crawl, New Neighbors Reception, Cajun Brunch, Summer Barbeque, Fall Festival, Progressive Dinner and Winter Holiday Party.

We offer lots of opportunities for involvement.

Each January at the Association's Annual Meeting, residents elect a nine member board. Basic Association dues are $10 per year, and for those who can afford a higher level of support, patron-level dues are $25, $50 and $100. Dues go toward gardening materials for public space, social events, signage, Historic Urban Neighborhood of Indianapolis (HUNI) Association dues and Board meeting materials, postage, and advertising for our bi-annual garage sale among other items.

Recent Initiatives

  • Project Streetlights (2017)
  • Reconnecting to our Streets partnership with City of Indianapolis (2016)
  • Neighborhood Home Tour (2015)
  • Participation in a Quality of Life Planning initiative through LISC's GINI program.

Business Environment

Former MFCDC Offices and soon a child care center

We have a limited number of businesses which sit within Historic Meridian Park. These business are predominantly service-oriented organizations, including:

  • Collar Me Happy
  • Meridian Park Pilates
  • Project Home Indy
  • Mapleton Center for Health, Fitness & Nutrition, including:
    • Mapleton Medical Center,
    • Mapleton Diagnostic Center,
    • Mapleton Wellness Center,
    • Mapleton Pain Center-Bethesda Clinical Research PA Labs, and
    • the Meridian Park Event Center.
Mapleton Medical Center

People who've shaped recent history

Historic Meridian Park has been fortunate to have forward-thinking residents who care about their residential community. In the 80's, A group of residents including Jean & Lamar Richcreek, Bertha & Herman Richardson, Jackie Nytes & Michael O'Brien got together and formed a crime watch block club. Through these early conversations dialogue began about seeking National Register status. The neighborhood has benefited from excellent neighborhood association presidents over the past two decades, including: Marsh Davis, Mark Webb, Larry Sanner, Jay van Santen, Steve Towns, Lorraine Phillips Vavul, Doug Day, Cassie Mehlman-Rhys, Stacey Patrick and Ryan Noel. Additional strategic assistance has been provided by Karla Johnson (newsletter editor), Gretchen Turner (electronic communications), Ora Triplet & Annie Gautier (Senior Advocate Program), Babs Button (Safe Neighborhood Awareness Program), Dick Luchtman, the Titan of Trash (alley clean-up chair), Larry Sanner (chair of gardening committee for public spaces including roundabout, triangle and 33rd Street median), and Sharon Gamble (chair of HMP's national Arts & Crafts Symposium).


We publish a monthly newsletter, the Meridian Park Mirror, which is contained within the Urban Times publication delivered to residents' doors by neighborhood volunteers.


Historic Meridian Park Neighborhood Association
210 E. 33rd Street
Indianapolis, IN  46205
(978)  397-4245


For further information on the neighborhood as well as Webmaster of website, use the contact form of the website.