HUNI Neighborhood Contact

HUNI understands the importance of keeping open communication between membership neighborhoods. To further that, HUNI developed an Editorial Board to support the website. The members of the board have specific neighborhood assignments and will solicit information about upcoming neighborhood events. In the fall, HUNI will also ask neighborhoods to update their profile information here on the HUNI website, so that visitors are up-to-date.

The goal of the HUNI website is to complement, never to replace the association website. The neighborhood profiles provide a consistent view of neighborhoods across Indianapolis. Potential home buyers, researchers, city officials, and those simply interested in historic neighborhoods can consult the site to gain an overall sense of neighborhoods, a brief history, and their current vitality.

The neighborhood website has a wealth of background information and current activities. The HUNI website provides the highlights for the entire city.

In terms of current events, the HUNI site is designed to inform the wider community of events to which you welcome both neighbors and visitors -- events "open to the public." So, we welcome information about home tours, special neighborhood events, meetings focusing on local history, and so on.

Updating Your Neighborhood's Information

To ensure that your neighborhood information, relevant to the central Indiana community, is made available on the website, please check the Editorial Board page for your representative.

Feel free to link to the HUNI site. Contact Lorraine Vavul at for link information and logo.