Resources -- Association

Resources both local and national can assist historic neighborhood associations fulfill their individual missions.

Here is a list of those currently identified. If you have any suggestions, please contact Lorraine Vavul at

Indianapolis Coalition for Neighborhood Development (ICND). "Community development organizations target their development activities in clearly defined geographic areas with high concentrations of low and moderate-income residents. The [Community Development Corporation, also known as] CDC board of directors is comprised of area residents and business leaders that govern the organization and help to define appropriate projects for CDC involvement.  CDCs are a catalyst for civic participation, enhancing leadership skills and providing a means where by local residents are able to have a voice in controlling their own destinies."--from their website 

A list of Indianapolis CDCs are located on their website.  The CDCs offer opportunities to historic neighborhoods by promoting business development and social revitalization to neighborhoods.  CDCs can also provide helpful information to homeowners and renters.  

Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC). "The Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC) is a nine-member board appointed by the executive and legislative body of the consolidated city, with design and zoning review jurisdiction in the locally designated historic districts and conservation districts.  Since 1976, the IHPC has had a professional staff that functions as a division of the Department of Metropolitan Development of the City of Indianapolis.  The IHPC provides design and zoning review and approval for locally designated historic districts, conservation areas, and individually designated properties." -- from their website

The IHPC is responsible for local designation for historic districts, conservation districts and individual properties. IHPC provides design and zoning review and approval for locally designated historic areas.  The IHPC staff also provide technical information about rehabilitation of buildings, National Register of Historic Place Nominations, preservation/conservation plans and architectural, planning and historic research assistance. For more information, check out IHPC Services. 

Indiana Landmarks.  "Indiana Landmarks is a nonprofit organization, fighting to defend architecturally unique, historically significant, and communally cherished properties. We rescue them, we rehabilitate them, and we give them new purpose -- saving our state's shared heritage and bringing new life to communities."--from their website.

Indiana Landmarks has eight regional offices throughout Indiana.  Indianapolis and Marion County is supported by the Central Office.  The site provides helpful information about community events, homeowner guidance and historic preservation initiatives that help preserve historic preservation. 

National Trust for Historic Preservation.  "A privately funded nonprofit organization, works to save America's historic places."  The National Trust is a national historic preservation organization that provides support and information for historic places.  A brief history of the National Trust provides information about the movement to preserve historic places in America. 

The National Trust website offers a range of information about ongoing movements, programs and issues that historic preservation faces. 

Prosperity Indiana. The Indiana Association for Community Economic Development d/b/a Prosperity Indiana is a statewide membership organization for the individuals and organizations strengthening Hoosier communities. Founded in 1986, Prosperity Indiana has 150+ members from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. It "seeks ways to fund members and their work, build and retain relationships, and address local to national issues impacting the capacity of members and their potential to deliver services and lead change in their communities,  providing Resources, opportunities for Engagement, Advocacy, and signature Programs that support members' work.