Woodruff Place

Neighborhood Activities

4th of July Lawn Chair Brigade, Woodruff Place, Indianapolis, Indiana
Lawn Chair Brigade

Woodruffians are nothing if not involved. A typical year includes children's parties for Halloween and Easter, a much-beloved Fourth of July parade and patriotic ceremony, a Senior Tea, Casino Night, a Flea Market that draws thousands of visitors each June, and numerous pitch-in events under the auspices of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and the local Crime Watch committee. Several special events occur biennially: the Home and Garden Tour, the Board of Directors Progressive Dinner, the Talent Show, and the Homecoming Hop. Events are organized by the Woodruff Place Civic League and its numerous satellite committees.

Recent Initiatives

The challenges of shepherding historic treasures have inspired a flurry of activity in recent months. Urns have been replaced and repaired; trees have been planted; and four new statues representing the four seasons were erected in 2009. Because the city no longer maintains Woodruff Place's special amenities, neighbors have been learning fountain operations and will soon take on the role of stewards to the 1905 light standards. Woodruff Place also owns its own Town Hall, located at 735 East Drive. That building is undergoing a complete renovation, once again, at the hands of invested neighbors. Both the number of projects and the resident commitment may have contributed to Woodruff Place's being named one of This Old House Magazine's 2009 Best Old House Neighborhoods.


Woodruff Place Civic League, Inc.
Miss Ellis, President
571 Woodruff Place East Drive
Indianapolis, IN  46201
(317)  756-8636

More information may be obtained at the regularly updated Woodruff Place website -- www.woodruffplace.com, or through a monthly newsletter appearing in Urban Times. All historic home enthusiasts have an open invitation to come take a stroll, a bike ride, or a slow spin through, as poet J.W. Riley wrote, the "...Blessed doorway opening where/We may look on Nature there--/Hand to hand and face to face/ Storied realm of Woodruff Place."