HUNI Meeting

Annual Meeting: 

Saturday, February 4, 2017, 9:00 a.m.
Historic Woodruff Place Town Hall
735 Woodruff Place East Drive  

Most quarterly meetings are held at the Indiana Landmarks Center, 1201 Central Ave, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted. 

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Tips and resources for researching your Home.

We're adding HUNI minutes to the website. If you missed a meeting, you can review from 2013 to the most recently approved minutes.  Visit the HUNI Minutes main page.

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Historic Urban Neighborhoods of Indianapolis - or HUNI as it is more commonly known - was formed in 1980 as a gathering place and resource for some of the oldest and most vibrant neighborhoods in Indianapolis.

Our website is designed to expand the reach of HUNI to all residents of Indianapolis, as well as to visitors who may have an interest in the historic areas of our city. Here you will find information on many of Indianapolis' historic neighborhoods, all in one place. The HUNI site also contains helpful information for neighborhood associations to support their work, ideas on how to do research on the history of your home or your office building, and activities occurring in Indianapolis' historic neighborhoods.       


Profiles in Preservation

Marsh Davis, Indiana Landmarks President

Julia Pratt, HUNI Editorial Board member and resident of historic Old Speedway City, interviewed Marsh Davis to gain some insight into his views on issues facing historic preservation and his background from a Preservation Intern to President of Indiana Landmarks. Click here for the Marsh Davis interview.

Upcoming Events

February 4, 2017
Woodruff Place Town Hall
9:00 am - 11:00 am
HUNI Annual Meeting.....

For a complete listing of today's events "in progress," and to find additional events in HUNI neighborhoods, central Indiana cities, or national preservation events, please visit the calendar here

Latest News

DMD Surveys Indy Residents on Sign Preferences and Digital Billboards  

Complete your surveys before Jan 6th deadline

In September the Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) launched the process of updating the city’s Sign Ordinance with the help of a Task Force comprised of 30 community members.  The next step in this process is to solicit feedback from the Indianapolis community on their preferences and thoughts on signs. Now is your chance to express what signs you do/don’t want to see in your neighborhood. Feedback from Indianapolis-Marion County residents, visitors, and business stakeholders is crucial to the development of the ordinance revision. Please join the effort by taking the survey on signage and by encouraging other Indy residents to complete it as well. A link to a second survey focusing specifically on digital signs and billboards is available here

For more information on the sign ordinance revision Task Force, please visit here.


IndyGo Transit Plan Receives Thumbs up from Marion County Referrendum

Historic Neighborhoods were pleased Marion County voters agreed that the County's Mass Transit Plan needs to move forward. But there are more hurdles before the Transit Plan becomes a reality, predominantely the City County Council must vote favorably to enact the plan and at what tax rate to do so. The November 2016 Referrendum gave the City County Council the ability to charge taxpayers up to .25 cents for every $100 of Income. The Transit Drives Indy Team is encouraging those interested in moving transit forward in our community 1) to reach out to our City County Councillors to ask them to enact the full .25% increase to fund the Marion County Transit Plan; 2) attend upcoming City County Council meetings; 3) Follow progress on Social Media & Share w/ friends & family. Click here for more details. (Want to know how to contact your City County Councillor? Click here.)

Phase 1 of the Transit Plan calls for the introduction of a new bus rapid transit line (i.e. The Red Line) running from Broad Ripple on the north side to University of Indianapolis on the south side. This new line will provide more frequent service with fewer stops, connecting area residents with more places to work, shop, and experience our great city. 

Phase 2 of the Plan funds transit improvements and expansion for a Blue Line and Purple lines. Here’s a link to more details: http://www.indygo.net/transitplan/ 

If you would like to learn more about IndyGo’s mission to restore, increase, and better transit service throughout the city – visit www.IndyGo.net/redline.

Click here if you'd like a visual overview of the impact of transit on our community and future steps for adopting a strategic Marion County Transit Plan.


Indy Rezone Speaker Featured at HUNI's 2017 Annual Meeting--Feb 4th

HUNI will host Tammara Tracy, at its annual meeting on February 4, 2017 to discuss Indy Rezone, the new zoning ordinance that impacts every neighborhood in Marion County. Originally, Tammara--Principal Planner, Div of Planning, Department of Metropolitan Development--was scheduled to present at HUNI's 3Q meeting, but had a last minute schedule conflict preventing her from attending.  This YouTube video presents some importance points of this ordinance changes.  HUNI Neighborhood Reps are encouraged to bring questions about Indy Rezone for the Q&A. The annual meeting will begin at 9am at the Woodruff Place Town Hall, 735 Woodruff Place East Drive (46219).

By way of background, on April 1, 2016, Indianapolis-Marion County began using a NEW set of rules to govern development, the first comprehensive change since 1969. The new Consolidated Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance, affectionately called Indy Rezone, updates the City's zoning ordinances and associated development regulations to be more sustainable and more livable. The places of our community, how they are built and physically arranged, affected us in a myriad of ways. The effects impact us collectively and individually; some we consciously recognize, while others are subliminal. Zoning is the most common set of tools that a city uses to regulate the location, density, and standards of development to accomplish the community vision for the future and to create that place called home. Hundreds of people diligently shaped Indy Rezone; the breath of changes evaluated was substantial. 

Indiana Bicentennial
Join us for a look at Indiana's 200 Anniversary

Indiana Bicentennial Wraps up with Finale December 11th 

Indiana celebrated its 200th Statehood Day on December 11th with a multi-cultural program dedicated to Indiana's Youth.  A range of speakers and musical groups were featured in the two hour program at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  Indiana’s Bicentennial Celebration kicked off the year-long tribute on December 11, 2015. Indiana's Bicentennial Commission (IBC) honored our state’s 200 years of history, striving to engage all 6.5 million Hoosiers while leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. More than 1,000 projects were endorsed by IBC, representing all 92 counties and hundreds of cities and towns, villages, and neighborhoods.  For a look back at Bicentennial projects, visit the State's Bicentennial website. Click here to see a documentary created by Ball State students about the statewide Torch relay.

The Indiana Album

Do you have old photographs of Indianapolis or other cities and towns in Indiana? The Indiana Album is a nonprofit organization that copies, catalogs, and shares historic images. It seeks photos, postcards, and graphics from all eras of houses, farms, businesses, streetscenes, churches, school, clubs, events, and interesting or influential people.

Contact info@indianaalbum.com if you'd like to schedule a scan-a-thon for your neighborhood. Thanks for helping to preserve Indiana History. 

Historic Preservation Architect and Advocate Jim Kienle

HUNI Final 2016 Quarterly Meeting Featured Renowned Indiana Preservation Architect and Advocate, Jim Kienle

For the final HUNI Quarterly Meeting of 2016 on November 3rd, HUNI was delighted to feature remarks from the former chair of IHPC and Lockerbie resident James Kienle

Background Info on Kienle

James Kienle has spent the majority of his 40 years as an architect specializing in preservation design; bringing new life to historic structures, campuses, small town Main Streets and urban environments. He is viewed as one who has forged the way in historic preservation in his work, his leadership, and his mentoring.  In 2009, Kienle joined Moody Nolan to oversee the firm’s Historic Preservation Studio. Previously, Jim owned and operated the firm James T. Kienle & Associates, which he established in 2003, to concentrate his talents and passion for preservation architecture and urban design. Prior to this, Kienle served as the former VP and National Director of Historic Preservation Architecture for the prestigious US firm HNTB. In recognition of Jim’s national contributions to Preservation Design, he was elevated to the American Institute of Architects’ prestigious College of Fellows. In 2003, Governor Frank O’Bannon awarded him the Sagamore of the Wabash for his pioneering work in Indiana Historic Preservation, the highest honor awarded a citizen by the State of Indiana at that time. In addition to these afore named awards the AIA has presented him the Edward D. Pierre Award as a civic leader and advocate of the architectural profession in public affairs; the Juliet Peddle Award for demonstrating a pioneering spirit, achievement in architecture, and involvement in the community, the Indiana President’s Award and Gold Medal.

Click here for additional background info on the illustrious career and contributions of Kienle.

St. John's Church, for which German Church Road is named. Image with appreciation to the Indianapolis Business Journal

Eastside Landmark Church Saved

For those following the efforts to save St John's Church, HUNI has some good news. On September 14th a joint news release reported that The Town of Cumberland, the City of Indianapolis, the St John Church Congregation and the Whitsett Group reached an agreement on the terms of sale of the Church to TWG Development saving both the historic structure and the accompanying cemetary. The planned development includes 60 income-based senior units as well as mixed use. The IBJ and WTHR-Channel 13 shared additional details about the deal. 

For those new to this issue, this Eastside landmark—for which German Church Road is named—was facing certain demolition, be it not for the efforts of the Town of Cumberland representatives and preservation-minded citizens  across the Community as well as institutions like Indiana Landmarks. The significance of this church architecturally and as a century-old community anchor made it imperative to save for future generations to enjoy and for past generations to reminisce. 

Here's the joint news release issued on September 14th. 

Fletcher Place Named Neighborhood of the Year

Congrats to HUNI Member Neighborhood Fletcher Place on their recent title "Neighborhood of the Year" by Neighborhoods USA. Fletcher Place beat neighborhoods across America in Iowa, Washington, Nebraska & TX for this prestigious honor. See more here

Garry Chilluffo, HUNI President
Garry Chilluffo, HUNI President

Meet Garry Chilluffo
New President of HUNI 

At the February 6, 2016 Annual Meeting of HUNI, held at the Garfield Park Arts Center, HUNI representatives elected long-time St. Joseph resident and HUNI neighborhood representative Garry Chilluffo as President Garry moved into St. Joseph in 1985 and has served multiple terms as president of St Joseph Historic Neighborhood Association. He has been an advocate and supporter of HUNI and its mission for many years. He is involved in Indiana Landmarks as a docent and was named as the organization's Volunteer of the Year in 2013.  Garry was instrumental in Indiana Landmarks' Welcome and Volunteer Program during the 2013 National Trust of Historic Places National Conference in Indianapolis. Garry served as a former Board member of Riley Area Revitalization program, where he collaborated on the Regional Center update and Mass Ave revitalization. If you would like to reach Garry directly, he can be emailed at garry@chilluffo.com.

Current Issues

BZA Denies Variance Allowing New Digital BBs until After City's Sign Review is Completed

In the past two years, more than 60 Marion County neighborhoods came together to oppose digital billboards, until Indy Rezone has been completed and until Indianapolis city planners can take a comprehensive look at all sign ordinances, gather community input, review best practices from around the country, and propose what works best for our city and its residents. A discussion group began convening in August 2016 to discuss Indy Rezone. Participants include HUNI and other representatives involved in the neighborhood coalition fighting to give DMD city planners the opportunity to review digital billboards as it asseses Marion County's full signage ordinance.

Back on November 5, 2015, Indianapolis-Marion County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) denied a variance that would have allowed one billboard company to convert two static billboards (inside the I-465 beltway on Eastside and Westside) to digital billboards. Residents from HUNI neighborhoods, as well as other neighborhood across the city, sent emails to the BZA asking it to deny this request until after the Marion County sign ordinance is reviewed. BZA agreed. 

For those following this issue nationwide, be sure to check out the following article about the moratorium of digital billboards in Reno, Nevada: City extends Moratorium on Electronic Billboards.

In 2015 Indy's City County Council asked DMD to review digital billboards as part of sign ordinance revamp

Relevant Articles, Updates,
and Background Info

Don't think digital billboards impact you? Watch this video about a Toronto community which allowed digital billboards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qlRkg4zFDI  

For previous articles on this topic, please reference the City & State: Digital Billooards page.


Downtown Indy

Downtown Indy Embraces Urban Neighborhoods in Heart of City

Launches new comprehensive website for all who live, work & play Downtown

Downtown Indy (formerly Indianapolis Downtown Inc) launched its new website www.downtownindy.org featuring--among other items--info on downtown neighborhoods.  The site features everything you know and love about Downtown! Visitors can explore the extensive events database, check out Downtown neighborhoods, find top restaurants, get insider updates from a new blog, and more. Here's a direct link to the Neighborhood portion of the website. 

Open to all Indy residents in both historic and non-historic neighborhoods, check out the "Dwell Downtown" affinity membership card with cool Downtown Indy swag and discounts to restaurants and businesses.  Participants receive discounted coupons, invites to quarterly "meet ups" and discounted tickets and more.

Here's a one page flyer summarizing the Dwell Program.