The HUNI + Indiana Landmarks Mayoral Forum on Neighborhoods

Indiana Landmarks
1201 N. Central Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Historic Urban Neighborhoods of Indianapolis (HUNI) and Indiana Landmarks team up to present the HUNI + Indiana Landmarks Mayoral Forum on Neighborhoods, featuring Democratic incumbent Mayor Joe Hogsett and Republican candidate Jefferson Shreve running for Indianapolis mayor in 2023.

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Watch and listen to the candidates answer each of the following individual questions. Note: questions were submitted by audience members and read aloud to the candidates by HUNI members.

Opening statements



What are your favorite examples of local government working closely with neighborhoods to protect and promote the welfare of our communities?



The Rethink Coalition, in partnership with the Indy Chamber, CICF, Indiana Landmarks, is leading the efforts for reconstruction of the I65-70 inner loop as a recessed and compressed highway that would realize substantial economic, social, environmental, and quality of life benefits for downtown Indianapolis, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the central Indiana region. INDOT is currently studying how the interstates inside I465 will be reconstructed over the next 20 years. How will your Administration support the realization of Rethink's vision for transformational change and equitable economic development opportunities?



Short-term rental properties have presented several challenges for the City. We are losing middle housing and owners and operators have erected incidents of violence. What is your position on the ownership, operation, and regulation of short-term rentals? If elected, what will you do to address short-term rentals?



How, or rather, do you support having increased housing options for all income levels, particularly in our historic neighborhoods. I would love to hear details.



Indianapolis has a sticky relationship with the Indiana Statehouse. How will you work with them when they constantly work against our interests?



We have made promises to fix the roads and make them safer. The last several weeks have been the most dangerous weeks in years. When are we going to take this seriously?



What is your philosophy about hiring a diverse leadership team? Can you give examples when you have showcased the importance of diversity?



Property tax is going through the roof. How will you protect minority and working-class constituents from being priced out of their homes and neighborhoods?



This is an infrastructure/road question. So everyone wants to drive on smooth roads. What will you do to make sure the city gets more infrastructure funding from the state?



What can you do to address crime in Indy? Many don't feel safe...and there's a homicide on the news almost every day.



I love hanging out at Spark on Monument Circle and think it has brought many people to our historic center. I'm going to insert in there at today's state of downtown it was announced that Spark has attracted 35 000 people to downtown. Do you plan on continuing this program as Mayor? Why—or why not?


Our city is facing an animal welfare crisis. The cities' shelters are overwhelmed and the city's streets are overrun with dogs. Meanwhile, the new shelter facility, announced in February 2021, has yet to break ground. How will your administration fix this crisis?



How can the IUPUI split be used as a reinvented asset to the City of Indianapolis?



I don't feel as if neighborhoods are allowed to give input on projects. How will you ensure that neighborhoods are allowed input and that the input is utilized?



Closing statements