North Square

Neighborhood info

Location Southeast side


  • North Calvary St.
  • South Virginia Ave. / Woodlawn Ave.
  • East Shelby St.
  • West Interstate 65/70

More about North Square


The North Square neighborhood is a section of the greater Fountain Square area, both a historic and cultural district. Similarly platted to Fletcher Place with dense, small lots, the area began to develop in the 1860s along with the Virginia Avenue commercial corridor. Most of the early houses, vernacular workers cottages, were constructed by the 1880s. While only our commercial district has federal and local IHPC protections under the Fountain Square Commercial District, we do have a few individual residential historic covenants under Indiana Landmarks’ jurisdiction. Today, we are an eclectic, dense neighborhood of maintained/renovated historic homes as well as new contemporary homes. North Square also contains two apartment buildings, the Fountain Square Clay Center, Flux antique store, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, one church, and one pocket park. 

We are a small and mighty neighborhood of 6 blocks and of 128 houses (and counting).