Fort Benjamin Harrison Biking HUNI Tours

Tour Access & Amenities

Lawrence is a city on the northeast of Marion County at 56th & Post Road. Parking is available in the parking lot to the East of the Academy.


56th Street, East of Post Road there is a shopping area with Fifth Third Bank & ATM, PNC Bank


BP at 9235 E. 56th. 24 hour.


56th Street – east of Post Road: Arby’s, Culvers, IHOP, Panera Bread, Jack’s Donuts, Peppers


Tour Start & Sights

  1. Fortune Academy 
    5626 Lawton Loop East Drive, c. 1970s Colonial Revival
  2. Officers' Homes 
    5762 Lawton Loop West Drive. 
    Here on the west side of the loop and parade grounds we see the original 18 officers’ homes varying in size and design based on rank.
  3. Regimental Commander's Home 
    5844 Lawton Loop West Drive, 1908 Colonial Revival 
  4. Band Gazebo 
    To the north and directly in front of us is the 35-acre parade field or “The Loop” as it is referred to these days. 
  5. Band Barracks 
    5835 Lawton Loop East Drive, 1908 Colonial Revival Key 
  6. Stockade 
    5825 Lawton Loop East Drive, 1908 Colonial Revival 
  7. Bachelor Officers' Quarters 
    5855 Lawton Loop East Drive, 1908 Colonial Revival
  8. Post Exchange 
    5745 Lawton Loop East Drive, 1908 Colonial Revival 
  9. Building 671 
    5719 Lawton Loop East Drive, 1908 Colonial Revival 
  10. Village of Merici 
    5707 Lawton Loop East Drive, 1908 Colonial Revival 
  11. Theater at the Fort/Service Men’s Club and Fort Theater 
    8920 Otis Avenue, 1929 Colonial Revival Key 
  12. Spring Valley Cemetery 
    (The cemetery is across the street) This is the old pioneer cemetery predates the fort. 
  13. Midwest Studios/The Water Pump House 
    5742 North Post Road, 1908 Colonial Revival 
  14. Ft. Harrison State Park Inn 
    1908 Colonial Revival
  15. Fort Harrison State Park 
    At Fort Harrison, landscape and history blend together at this unique setting on the north-east side of Indianapolis. This was once the maneuvers area and firing range for the fort; now, this 1,700-acre park features walking and jogging trails.
  16. Officers’ Homes 
    5900-5998 Wood Road, 1929 Colonial Revival 
  17. Officer’s Mess and Club 
    (The Garrison), c. 1940s Colonial Revival 
  18. Regimental Artillery and Combat Engineer Barracks 
    9045 East 59th Street, 1929 Colonial Revival 
  19. New Homes on Wheeler Road 
    To our right are new homes being built where other military barracks once stood, as well as dozens of horse and mule stables that used to be here, back when the army needed thousands of mules and horses to pull supply wagons and artillery.
  20. Defense Finance and Accounting Service Building/Schoen Field 
    8899 East 56th Street, 1953 Contemporary 
  21. Camp Glenn 
    A training area for Fort Ben soldiers, and later served as a site for the post-World War I Civilian Military Training Corps (CMTC) program. 
  22. 701 – 705 Scout Road 
    On our right are the camp’s showers and latrines for the cadets, now rentable space through the state park for gatherings and activities.
  23. Trailer Court Road 
    In this area are the horse stables once used for cavalry training as well as mess hall facilities for soldiers and later the POWs. Now, the stables provide horseback riding for park guests. 
  24. Museum of 20th Century Warfare 
    5807 Glenn Road. This is the Museum of 20th Century Warfare, operated by volunteers and open to the public and free with admission to the park. 
  25. Interurban Station and Bakery Interurban Station/La Hacienda 
    1908 Colonial Revival