Holy Cross Neighborhood HUNI Tours

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This tour visits Holy Cross, located on Indianapolis' east side.

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Tour Access & Amenities

Holy Cross neighborhood lies Just east of downtown on Washington Boulevard -- 1400-1500 East -- and north on North Arsenal. Park on the street.


Holy Cross boasts a number of food establishments: two pizza styles in the form of Futuro and King Dough, plus the southern comfort inspired Natural State Provisions.


Closest gas stations are Marathon stations on E. Washington St. and E. Michigan St.


Start & Sights

  1. Damien Center 
    26 North Arsenal Ave. 
    1914 Italianate
  2. John Holtzman House 
    132 North Arsenal Ave. 
    1864 Gable Front
  3. Mathias Dreher House 
    227 North Arsenal Ave. 
    1873 Queen Anne
  4. 225 North Arsenal Avenue 
    1890 Italianate
  5. YMCA Baseball Fields and Athletic Park 
    230 North Arsenal Ave. 
    The home at 230 North Arsenal Avenue marks the former entrance of the Baseball Fields and Athletic Park.  
  6. The Church of the Holy Cross 
    1401 East Ohio St. 
    1896 Neoclassical Key
  7. Northeast Corner of Ohio and Oriental Streets 
    1402 East Ohio St. 
    This empty lot at the northeast corner of Ohio and Oriental Streets used to be the location of a small grocery store.
  8. Outlaws Motorcycle Club 
    1208 East Ohio St. 
    Queen Anne 
  9. Highland Park 
    110 East New York St.
  10. Former Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association Distribution 
    920-924 East Ohio St. 
    1891 Neoclassical 
  11. Ohio Street and the Interstate 
    The Interstate (I65/70) has changed the landscape in this portion of the neighborhood. 
  12. Angie's List 
    Cruse, Pine, & E. Washington Streets.  Angie's List has done a great renovation of historic buildings for office space along Cruse Street, Pine Street, and East Washington Streets 
  13. Fire Station 
    1031 East Washington St. 
    The firehouse was also part of the Angie's List properties. This historic building was converted into the "front door" for Angie's List visitors.
  14. Former Neuronhurst 
    1400 East Market St. 
    c. 1880s Federal and Second Empire 
  15. Washington Irving School #14 
    1250 East Market Street. The original building for the Washington Irving School #14 was built in 1880's and faced Ohio street. 
  16. Byrne Court Apartments 
    1411 East Market St. 
    1989 Tudor Revival 
  17. Indianapolis Liederkranz 
    1417 East Washington St. 
    1912 Tudor Revival 
  18. Former Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant 
    1315 East Washington St. 
    1914 Colonial Revival 
  19. Dr. Kerr’s Private Sanitarium 
    1307 East Washington St. 
    c. 1915 Italianate Key