Irvington Biking HUNI Tours

Neighborhood info

This tour visits Irvington, located on Indianapolis' east side.

Learn more about Indianapolis' urban neighborhoods.

Tour Access & Amenities

Irvington lies East of the Downtown about 5 miles on Washington Street. Park on the street.


Irvington offers a variety of restaurants from fine dining to pizza to brewpub in a shopping mall at 5600 E. Washington The Med – 5614 E. Washington St, Jockamo – 5646 E Washington St


GetGo Gas, 5061 E Washington, Speedway, 5103 E. Washington


Tour Start & Sights

  1. Osborne Home
    955 North Campbell Ave
    1908 Arts and Crafts
  2. Ellenberger Park
    5301 East Saint Clair St.
    The Ellenberger family dwelled in a large Italianate farmhouse on what is today East 10th Street.
  3. Pleasanton
    Intersection of Poplar and Norway One of the best kept secrets in Irvington is the beautiful little enclave of Pleasanton located east of Emerson and south of Michigan Street. 
  4. Recker Home
    59 North Hawthorne Ln.
    1908 Arts and Crafts 
  5. Clifton Wheeler House
    5317 Lowell Ave.
    1912 Arts and Crafts 
  6. Schwarb Home
    306 North Irvington Ave.
    1901 Queen Anne 
  7. Lavelle House
    5720 Lowell Ave.
    1923 Prairie Style
  8. Thornton House
    75 North Audubon Rd.
    1914 Craftsman Key 
  9. Irvington United Methodist Church / Jacob Dorsey Forrest House
    30 North Audubon Rd.
    1906 Tudor Revival
  10. Julian Home
    115 South Audubon Rd.
    1873 Italianate
  11. Commercial District
    200 Block of South Audubon Road. Irvington was modeled after Glendale, a suburb of Cincinnati. In the Glendale plan, locals built a small commercial area near the railroad depot.
  12. South Irvington Circle Park
    The winding streets and the Circle are examples of the progressive ideas that were built into the Irvington plan when the neighborhood was founded. 
  13. Oberholzter Home
    5802 University Ave.
    1902 Arts and Crafts
  14. Children's Guardian’s Home
    5751 University Ave.
    c. 1890s Colonial Revival 
  15. Oak Avenue
    Many of the homes we’re about to pass were fraternity and sorority houses for Butler University. Oak Avenue features beautiful old oak trees and contrasting architectural styles.
  16. Pi Beta Phi Sorority
    275 South Audubon Rd.
    1905 Arts and Craft
  17. Eudorus Johnson Home
    5631 University Ave.
    1876 Victorian Gothic
  18. Barnard House
    5543 University Ave.
    1908 Queen Anne 
  19. Blount House
    5470 University Ave.
    1879 Italianate  Key 
  20. Graham-Stephenson House
    5432 University Ave.
    1889 Colonial Revival 
  21. Benton House
    312 Downey Ave.
    1873 Second Empire
  22. Charles Cross House
    322 Downey Ave.
    c. 1898 American Four Square with Shinge Influences 
  23. Bona Thompson Memorial Center
    5350 University Ave.
    1903 Neoclassical