Old Speedway City HUNI Tours

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This tour visits Old Speedway, located on Indianapolis' west side.

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Tour Access & Amenities

Old Speedway City lies West of downtown about 5 miles on 10th through 16th Streets, just inside I-465. Park on the street


There are a variety of dining venues right on Main Street, including: 1911 Grill, 1067 Main St, Indianapolis, Big Woods Speedway, 1002 Main St, Dawson's On Main, 1464 Main St, Barbecue and Bourbon, 1414 Main St, Tacos And Tequila On Main, 1502 Main St


Speedway, 4743 W 16th St, Thornton’s 5310 W 10th St


Tour Start & Sights

  1. Rosner Building
    1552 Main St.
    From 16th to 15th Street along Main Street, all commercial development and activity occurred until the early 1930’s. The Rosner Building was built in 1915 by Joseph Rosner and originally included two upstairs apartments. 
  2. The Bland-Zink Building
    1538 Main St.
    The Bland-Zink Building was constructed in 1929 as a grocery store by Edythe and Bill Zink and Rex Bland.e
  3. Eyster Building
    1534 Main St.
    The Eyster Building was built in 1918. It opened as a department store with an apartment above. 
  4. Grande Building
    1506-1520 Main St.
  5. 1500 Main Street
    This building was built in 1917. It is a brick two-story building that opened as a restaurant with an apartment upstairs.  
  6. Dawson's on Main
    1464 Main St.
    In the late 1930s, 
  7. Speedway Theatre
    1450 Main St.
    Constructed in 1937 by Rosner, the 600-seat Speedway Theater was equipped with modern air conditioning. 
  8. Beeler and Hodgson Garage
    1432-1434 Main St.
    This building was constructed in 1929 as a parking garage. 
  9. 1430 Main Street
    This building was built by Mrs. Hodgson. The grocery store of A& P moved in when they outgrew the building at 1550 Main Street.  
  10. Bourbon and BBQ Restaurant
    1414 Main St.
    This building originally opened as Alexanders Five and Ten cent store. It later became a gift shop and a beauty shop. 
  11. Zoom Hair Salon
    1410 Main St.
    The building opened as a restaurant around 1939. Later, it became the first liquor store permitted Speedway in 1945. A Shoe Repair shop operated in the basement outside the staircase led to the shop.
  12. 4920 West 15th Street
    1918 Dormer Front Bungalow 
  13. 4921 West 15th Street
    c. 1900s Western Bungalow
  14. William Rosner Home
    4925 West 15th St.
    1930 American Four Square with Italian Renaissance Influence 
  15. 4931 West 15th Street
    1920 Dormer-Front Bungalow 
  16. 4934 West 15th Street
    1912 Gable Front House 
  17. 4946 West 15th Street
    1916 American Four Square Key 
  18. 4969 West 15th Street
    1920 American Four Square
  19. 5009 West 15th Street
    1930s French Eclectic 
  20. 5019 West 15th Street
    1930 Western Bungalow 
  21. 5023 West 15th Street
    1920 Bungalow 
  22. 5069 West 15th Street
    1924 Spanish Colonial Revival 
  23. Speedway Christian Church
    5110 West 14th St.
    1926 Tudor Revival
  24. 5056 West 14th Street
    1930 English Cottage 
  25. 5052 West 14th Street
    Gabel Front Bungalow Key F
  26. 5031 West 14th Street
    1925 Greek Revival 
  27. 4971 West 14th Street
    1930 English Cottage 
  28. 4967 West 14th Street
    1930 Dutch Colonial Revival 
  29. 4957 West 14th Street
    1925 Mission Revival home of the Speedway Coal Yard. 
  30. Foyt Wine Vault
    1182 Main St.
  31. 1038 Main Street
    Constructed 1948 by Ira Edwards– Speedway Furniture Early 1970’s – Lodge Hall Mid 1990 – Charlie Brown’s Restaurant
  32. Dutch Boy Paint store
    1020 Main St.
    Early 1970’s originally Lodge Hall
  33. Family Restaurant & Local U.A.W. office
    1008-1010 Main St.
    1948, late 1970s 
  34. Allison Plant No. 1
    1 Allison Way
    Allison Plant No.1 (arcoss the street)  Allison Transmissions Plant No. 1 manufactures aircraft engines. The original plant was built in 1915.