I-65/I-70 North Split Expansion and Reconstruction

An arial view of the North Split interchange.

The I-65/I-70 North Split is being reconstructed in Downtown Indianapolis. INDOT has announced plans that will deeply impact historic neighborhoods and potentially harm our city's beauty, livability, and transport. While INDOT's current plan, Alternative 4c, will reduce the heighth of retaining walls and doesn't call for additional through-lanes, it still doesn't go far enough to specifically increased connectivity between neighborhoods and areas of commerce divided by the interstate, or increased opportunities for inclusive economic development along the path of the interstate. We do applaud INDOT for modifying a portion of their plans due to community voices.

The issue cannot be tackled in a few paragraphs. Within the articles below, we have provided you with:

  1. Observations on relevance & urgency of this project
  2. Powerpoint presentations to visualize impacts and share with others concerned
  3. Links to the latest articles
  4. Summary of how to get involved, including mailing addresses of the Governor's and INDOT Commissioner
  5. A look at what Peer Cities have done with their highways.

ALL neighborhoods affected by this reconstruction are highly encouraged to share with their residents the following PowerPoint presentation.

Download the full presentation

If the full presentation is too large, individual pieces may be downloaded below:

HUNI's Position Statement

Read HUNI's official position statement.

How to get involved

Send a letter

Extremely helpful to the collective effort RIGHT NOW are personalized letters to the Governor and INDOT Commissioner emphasizing the need for an independent panel comprised of representatives from the City of Indianapolis, the State (INDOT) and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The panel's suggested goal would be to focus on a broader vision that goes beyond vehicular travel and includes economic development, environmental and social justice considerations that achieve a great vision for Indianapolis and Central Indiana. Be sure to indicate whether you are directly affected by this project—because of residency, property ownership, or employment in one of the affected neighborhoods and/or downtown.

Still not sure what to write? We have two sample letters to get you started—but please use your own voice to reflect your personal concerns.

  • Letter One includes a list several talking points.
  • Letter Two references the monumental scope and impact of the project and integrates our theme: 'Rethink 65-70. Build it Right.'

Get Governor Holcomb's and/or Commissioner McGuinness's addresses.

Join the Facebook group

Join a Facebook group created by a group of concerned residents to contribute to online discussions and share insights.

Sign the petition

You can also connect with our original online petition asking INDOT to expand the study of critical design issues geared towards reducing the project’s impact on historic and urban neighborhoods, and better suiting the vibrancy of Downtown Indianapolis.