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Indiana's much-needed reconstruction of Downtown Indy's interstates in the upcoming decade became a major focus for HUNI's leaders and many member neighborhoods starting in Fall 2017. HUNI—along with a handful of other significant institutions—led the effort responsible for creating the I-65/I-70 Rethink Coalition. We will continue to bring you the most up to date information, post pertinent articles and vow to keep fighting to have your voices heard. 

Articles & news

  • Public Private Partners Agree to Hire International Infrastructure Consulting Firm Funded by Lilly Endowment

    Rethink 65/70 - Rebuild it right

    To Rethink 65/70 Coalition Supporters ---February 13, 2020

    TODAY WE ARE ABLE to announce a major step toward getting a serious, objective study of the best options for the reconstruction of the downtown I-65/I-70 Inner Loop, aside from the North Split.

    The Rethink 65/70 Coalition leadership team has been working for over a year to find funding for such a study. Rethink invited the Indy Chamber and its Foundation to join us in this effort last summer.

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  • An update on the I-65/I-70 North Split Current Plan

    Announced in September, INDOT's current plan--Alternative 4c--will reduce the height of retaining walls and doesn't call for additional through-lanes, but it still doesn't go far enough to specifically increase connectivity between neighborhoods and areas of commerce divided by the interstate, or increase opportunities for inclusive economic development along the path of the interstate. We do applaud INDOT for modifying a portion of their plans due to community voices.

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  • Rethink Coalition generates Four Guiding Principles

    The Rethink Coalition collectively encompassing over 50 businesses, institutions, community organizations, and neighborhoods continues to convene weekly or bi-weekly meetings as necessary. Members organizations create and adopt these Four Guiding Principles as a fundamental roadmap in discussions with INDOT.

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  • Mayor Joe Hogsett Weighs in on North Split Project

    The logo of the City of Indianapolis

    Kia Gillete, Environmental Project Manager, HNTB Corporation

    Dear Ms. Gillete:

    I appreciate INDOT's willingness to listen to community concerns and conduct a system-wide analysis of the Downtown Indianapolis interstate system. The seven concepts studied give us a sense of what's possible, based on traffic performance, cost, visual and connectivity impacts, and construction timeline.

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  • INDOT unveils six options for Reconstruction of I-65/I-70

    INDOT publicly unveiled six alternatives for reconstruction of I-65/I-70 as it holds a listening session for the community. Rough estimates for inclusion of each alternative as well as estimated time-savings on each alternative are also unveiled. 

    Listening to presentations by INDOT? Here's what you need to understand:

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  • Rethink I-65/I-70 Launches a Dedicated Website

    A rendering of a possible option for a recessed I-65 North Split corridor.

    The grassroots movement to rethink I-65/I-70 has grown! The coalition has developed a dedicated website for a high level view and resources. There's an excellent FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for a quick summary at present. Be sure to check back for ongoing updates.

    Visit the coalition's website here:


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